Management Staff

Director General, NGSA

Mr. NWEGBU, Alex Ndubuisi
Director General, Nigerian Geological Survey Agency Applied Geophysics, Geology

National Centre for Marine & Geosciences

Mr. Nelson P. Amangele
Deputy Director In-Charge, National Centre for Marine & Geosciences
MSc Engineering Geology

Regional Geology Department

Mr. Bala Yahya Attayi
Director, Regional Geology Department
Master in Enviromental Management(MEM), MBA, BS.c (Hons) Geology

Economic Geology Department

Dr. Abdulrazaq Abubakar Garba
Director, Economic Geology Department
PhD Mineral Exploration / Geochemistry

National Geosciences Research Laboratories (NGRL)

Mr. ABU, O.I. Luke
Director, National Geosciences Research Laboratories (NGRL) Geology

Applied and Engineering Geology Department

Dr. OYEDEJI, Oluwole Ayinde
Director, Applied and Engineering Geology Department
Ph.D, Engineering Geology

National Geohazard Monitoring Centre

Mr. AIYEGBUSI, Matthew Sola
Acting Director, National Geohazard Monitoring Centre
MSc Hydrogeology

National Geosciences Information Centre (NGIC)

Mrs. AKINWANDE, Bolanle Ibidunni
Deputy Director, National Geosciences Information Centre (NGIC)
Bsc. Geology / Petroleum Geology/ Sedimentology

Administration and Finance

Mr. BUZUH, Elisah
Assistant Director Head (Administration and Finance) Business Administration (Finance) and Master in Business Administration (MBA)